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The website aims at representing the Karmendu Shishir Shodhagar as it is housed at the Department of Indology and Comparative Religions, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University Tuebingen, as per the end of December 2010.

In future there might be additions to the Archive as new issues of magazines, books, further volumes of the Sañcayan Śṛṅkhalā, further indices, etc. are received, which we will also try to present on this site in due time.

NEW! Here you can download the introduction and list of contents categorized according to various topics like book reviews, memoirs, poems and literary critical essays in Pahal (1973-2009), edited by Gyanranjan: PDF download [Caution! Yet to be edited: diacritical marks etc.]. We want to catalogue other magazines on similar lines.

Karmendu Shishir Collection (KSC)